Lots of marketers know how to identify, find and advertise to your perfect, ideal client/prospect.   The question is this:

Are you making sales?

Because honestly, as one of my clients, I can get you as much traffic as your website can handle.

However, is your current sales process converting the traffic it gets now?

Is your sales page or lead capture page working like you think it should?

If you were being completely honest with yourself do you secretly wish it was making more sales for you?

That is the big question. Do you need/want more sales?

If your answer was "yes"

Rick Katz Creative offers you the following:

Sales copy
consulting & writing.

Lead generation
consulting, strategies and systems. 

Targeted traffic
consulting and sales (again, as much as you can handle).

My simple formula that has never
steered me wrong in marketing:

A great product, service or opportunity + A great sales process + Targeted traffic = $$$

So, if you think you have something great, but, you're not getting the kind of results you think you should be getting...check the formula.

Which part  of the formula is missing or weak in your business?

This is what's probably happening to you..

If you send traffic to a great product, service or opportunity and it's not making sales...then you have a sales process weakness.

Or you've got a great product, service or opportunity and it is converting and you are making sales..

..and you just need more and better traffic.

The only area I probably can't help you is if the first part of the formula isn't there. In other words, if people don't want what you're selling.

But, it may not be the product's fault too.

The first step is a consultation.

Your investment in your business to have me figure out exactly what needs to be fixed and how is $100.

If you need further consulting or actual copy writing, web pages, traffic, etc., from me, there are, of course, further costs which will depend on your budget and what it is you need.

However, if you do purchase any further consulting or copy writing, etc. I will deduct the $100 from the price.

And, just to be extremely fair, if you feel you wasted your $100 on our initial consultation I will give you a full and prompt refund. So, you cannot lose any way you look at it.

I look forward to helping you,


Which part of your marketing plan isn't working as good as you'd like?